Our mission is to simplify how the web is built.

We create experiences that make it delightful for you to put and manage content on the web. From personal projects to enterprise applications, our goal is to make your life easier by making the web more accessible and manageable.

Here’s why we created Fast

In short, we did it for ourselves...


Because manually uploading and downloading files is slow.


Because we need simple collaboration.


Because speed matters, especially for mobile.


Because analyzing logs should be a thing of the past.

It’s a brave new world-wide-web

We build hosting for the modern web.

Serverless technology is enabling companies to move to agile out-sourced platforms that grow and shrink on-demand.

Mobile device adoption has made content distribution networks (CDNs) more important than ever.

Single Page Apps are rapidly growing in popularity as edge computing is rapidly growing in popularity.

Organizations' and individuals' data are spread out across multiple clouds and systems.

A next gen stack for next gen builders

Fast.io combines the productivity benefits of cloud storage and desktop syncing with the power and performance of an enterprise-grade global content distribution network (CDN).


Content Distribution Network (CDN)

All Fast.io content is delivered by our enterprise-grade CDN partner, CloudFlare. Get the full capabilities of CloudFlare global distribution. Serverless functions through CloudFlare Workers are coming soon!


At our core is an easy to use interface that connects your existing data to the CDN layer provided through CloudFlare. Easily create new sites, configure domains, and manage your hosting.

Google Drive

Cloud Storage

This is where all your data lives and is managed - on your device or in your cloud. Fast.io integrates with your existing tools, so you don't have to change your workflow to get things done faster (no pun intended).

Removing complexity

Fast.io does all the complex stuff for you so that you can focus just on the part that’s truly your business. Fast.io is customer-centric and product-usability focused. Got a suggestion or need help? Chat with us any time.

We’re adding effortless integrations of private clouds, building helpful and time-saving plugins, and automating common tasks.

Remove complexity with Fast

Find us in San Francisco and on the internet

Fast.io is located in San Francisco, California and embraces remote work. The tools we use and the tools we're creating enable productivity anywhere thanks to the cloud.

Derek Labian Headshot

Derek Labian

Co-Founder & CEO

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Tom Langridge

Co-Founder & CPO

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Come build the future of the web and unlock the potential of other developers everywhere.

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